Personal Dog Training

Welcome to my "lifestyle dog training" program. Together, you and I will analyze your lifestyle and assess your desires, wants, hopes, and dreams about your new family pet or older adult dog. Next, we will do the same evaluation where I will explain your dog's wants, hopes, and needs to you. Then together, we will create a training program that fits how you live, not how your last dog trainer said you had to live if you ever wanted to enjoy a fun and fruitful relationship with your dog.

Training Process Videos

These videos are my process videos. They are used when I'm training a dog for a film or television project. These are a small glimpse into my training process for set work. If you are interested in my tricks classes or movie set training, these are more applicable to you. I shoot these types of videos on my phone. They are sent to the director to check the progress of the action/behavior, to confirm that the shot and angle are usable, and to confirm that the trainer placement works, which means where I will need to stand to cue the dog during the shot effectively. These videos help take the words off the page and allow the director and any department heads deemed relevant to an animal shot to see the action in real life, probably for the first time. It's common for a director to have problems visualizing the animal action shots. These process videos are not meant to be seen by the public. They are usually reserved for the director's/producer's eyes only.

These process videos are not meant to be seen by the public and are usually reserved for the directors-producer's eyes only.

Dog Training for Movie "Think Like a Dog!"

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My Method

I use both positive and negative rewards and markers. I don't use e-collars simply because I couldn't rely on any collar being used during shooting for my movie dogs. I don't use or condone violent or even angry corrections. I use treats but don't rely on them. I use the leash as a communication tool, not a choking or dragging your dog-around tool. I believe a dog left to his own devices will act like a spoiled 3-year-old. In the same way, you don't let a spoiled three-year-old run their universe; you shouldn't let your dog run his or yours. It's not good for the dog and it's not good for the human.