I'd Rather Talk To My Dog

Lifestyle Dog Training

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Lifestyle Dog Training

My program will assist you and your dog in finding a common language with clear goals and parameters that create a win for both parties.

Positive Emotional Energy

My Method

I rely heavily on positive emotional energy to communicate with dogs. You are a working unit with your dog. If an issue or roadblock arises, it helps to understand the root cause. You are both learning and growing together.

Proven Results

I have trained hundreds of dogs with a variety of styles and techniques with great success. I have over 30 years training dogs in film and TV, narcotics detection, agility, obedience and tricks training.

TV/Movie Set Work

I've successfully trained animals for the entertainment industry, primarily movies and TV, for over 30 years. This is a very demanding environment where animals must be trained to perform extraordinary behaviors on short time-lines.